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golden jubilee celebration 2017



Archbishop Anntonio J. Ledesma

Archbishop of Cogoyon de Oro &Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Butuon

Dear Clergy and Parishioners of Butuon Diocese,
On this 50th Anniversary of Butuon as a diocese, allow me to recall that Butuon as well as the other CAB US TAM dioceses of Surigoo, T ondog, and Moloyboloy hod been port of the original diocese of Cogoyon when it was created in 1933. Indeed Cogoyon Diocese at that time also extended to the Misomis and Lonoo provinces, thus covering the entire northern half of Mindanao.

When Cogoyon de Oro become the first archdiocese of Mindanao in 195 I, it covered the entire territory of the island, including ironically the mother diocese of Zomboongo created in 1910.

It is in this light that Cogoyon de Oro and Butuon hove been mother-daughter and now sister dioceses. As Apostolic Administrator of Butuon since 23 October 20 17, I hove tried to meet all the parish priests through visitations of the eleven vicariates during the lost week of December.

I hove also hod the pleasure of meeting the consultors, ministry heads, Catholic school directors,
officials of Fr. Soturnino Urios University, and religious sisters. Most of all I hove tried to listen
carefully to the entire clergy during the two phases of their Appreciative Inquiry seminar-workshop
coordinated lost January.

Cutting across age groups, the clergy "discovered" (phase one) common values and also shored their "dreams" (phase two) for the future scenario of the diocese. These shored values and dreams con perhaps be summarized in four S's:

SOLIDARITY - i.e., in camaraderie, in prayerfulness, in a deepening of unity among brother priests and with parishioners;

STEWARDSHIP - e.g., in parish management and computerization of accounts, in contributing to a common fund, in conducting a parish census and knowing the number of FGs, GKKs, and kopilyos;

STANDARDIZATION -e.g., in the proportionate shoring of resources as well as needs, in providing for social security, in the levelling of standard living allowances;

SUSTAINABILITY- e.g., in supporting diocesan-wide ministries, in ongoing formation, seminary support and special studies, and continuing core for the sick and retired.

Like the widening highway traversing Agusan Norte to Aguson Sur, the journey of the diocese will continue to encounter many curves and crossings. But with the legacy of the first two bishops of Butuanon, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of our Blessed Mother, may we all reach out towards the four S's in our goal.

Sincerely in Our Lord,
+Antonio J. Ledesma, S.J.
Archbishop of Cogoyon de Oro &
Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Butuanon

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