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5Cs (or 5K’s) for Elections

I. CONSCIENCE (Konsyensa)

· A person of moral integrity

· God-fearing (maka-Dios)

· Respects human rights

· Transparent and accountable

· No charges of corruption

II. COMPETENCE (Kakayahan)

· Educational background

· Health (physical, mental, etc.)

· Record of service (in government; in private life)

· Not based on popularity alone, or name recall


· concern for the poor and marginalized

· actions addressing poverty & inequality

· protects rights of minorities

· empowerment of the poor (vs. dole-outs)


· supporters & advisers (reputation; integrity)

· political party (platform)

· political alliances

· political dynasty (vertical, horizontal)

V. COMMITMENT (Kaakuhan)

· Political will

· Key principles & values

· Stand on key issues

· Maka-Bayan, Maka-Tao, Maka-kalikasan

VI. (6th C?) CATHOLIC (Katoliko)

· Respects Catholic teaching

· Adheres to the Church’s moral principles

· Not confessional, but clear on human (and Catholic) values


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