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Celebrating Kahimunan 2019

The third Sunday of January is consecrated to the Feast of the Child Jesus, one of the favorite devotions of the Filipinos all over the archipelago. In our diocese, this devotion is especially nurtured in the Diocesan Shrine of the Santo Niño in Brgy. Libertad. As always, rain came in abundance on the day of the feast itself but it did not stop the devotees from showing the fervor of their love to the Child Jesus. The shrine was filled to the rafters during each Eucharistic celebration on the day of the feast where most of the devotees brought their own image of the Santo Niño. Each one had the chance to offer their dance prayer at the end of the Mass, accompanied by the music distinct to the devotion. The Kahimunan Festival, which was celebrated in the afternoon of the feast, was participated in by thousands of devotees who braved the pouring rain. For them, it was a sign of the bounteous blessings bestowed by the Señor to his people.

Viva, Pit Señor!

Photos © Michael S. Licup


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